Friday, February 2, 2018

Original container for WS

During winter time, we are preparing for our art projects in summer time.
 This time, I would like to introduce this.
We are trying to  make original containers for art workshops.
We used to use common plastic pencil cases for color pencils, color felt pens, etc.
  We got some beautiful left over natural leather at Material For The Arts by chance.
One of staff Yukiyo is making some trial model of original containers.

Looks so cool! Thanks Yukiyo!
Thanks Material For The Arts!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year 2018!

I hope your 2018 will be super happy, lucky, and awesome to you, your family and all your surrounding friends!

One thing I forgot to tell you last year is that I appeared in a video of New York Foundation for the Arts.
This video is for website marketing to introduce NYFA’s service for artists in all discipline.

During the shooting, I was very nervous because the other two artists had own studios, but I still didn’t have it. Also, I felt like I didn’t speak English well enough to such an official video. A director shot me at a pick nick table at a park where I always worked on pencil sketches of Manga comic work. I was really nervous even after finishing the shooting. I regret not exercising speech in English. When the video was released, I was surprised the whole work looked really cool. I hope you will enjoy the video!

Introduction to New York Foundation for the Arts  

Rica Takashima

Monday, December 11, 2017

PussyHat workshop


I held making PussyHat workshop at Bronx Museum last week, and it went wonderfully.
Becuase of snow weather, not so many visitors were there, but participants really enjoyed the WS.

For guys who couldn't come by the museum, 
use the pattern here for DIY PussyHat for you winter season!

Monday, December 4, 2017

BXMA's Market at Bronx Museum

I will be part in

Please get these new items!




  I also hold a PussyHat WS there!
Come and make your own PussyHat with me!
If you won't came, don't worry, here is my original pattern of PussyHat.
Enjoy your winter time!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Get Rica's original mini calender 2018!

With last year’s donation, we held projects themed pregnant women and families, and cultural understanding to public. We held art show five times and workshops four times, made opportunities for four immigrant artists to show their artworks to public, and there were 1500participants who enjoyed our interactive art. I, Rica started the art project and carried it by volunteer base; actually it costs $500-5,500/each depending on size. It was impossible to happen without your support. The project is still in deficit balance.

Please help the art project by tax-deductible donation and get an original mini calendar!
This mini calendar is a perfect card/gift for holiday season.
It can be sent as a holiday card and they can be used it as a calendar.
The three drawings are by Rica Takashima.

(10 x 6.5 inch)
There are two blank pages to write messages to your receiver.
One card for $12, and three cards for $33.

(Please see a grid below: Your tax-deductible cost will be $7/one $16/three after deducting the transaction, postal expenses, and basic cost) You will get one extra card from Rica as a thank you card, so you can use it for yourself.

Please put “Holiday” at Note section.

This special opportunity lasts until end of December.
All donors will receive my original Manga report 2017.

Your kindness donation will be used to events like transportation, material cost for art workshop, etc. Our project is a space where strangers from different backgrounds can meet, understand and create art together. Through interactive arts, participants experience face-to-face personal contact, rather than communicating through Internet social networking services in virtual worlds. This tangible human interaction is needed in our society.
The theme for the next year will be “diversity and cultural heritage” to reduce discrimination.
Thank you very much,

Rica Takashima

Saturday, November 4, 2017


いつもAliens in New Yorkのアートプロジェクトを応援してくださってどうもありがとうございます。



オフィスやロッカー、冷蔵庫などにピッタリのミニサイズ。25 x 16cm 表紙は干支の戌です。
ここのNYFA(NY州芸術財団)のページからAliens in New Yorkのアートプロジェクトを応援してください!どうかお願いします!メモ欄に”Holiday”とお書きください。
Aliens in New York page at New York Foundation for the Arts