Sunday, December 15, 2013

Thanks 2013! I enjoyed you very much!


It is a time to reflect this year...

First, I got a fiscal sponsorship to my art project "Aliens in New York" from Artspire,
which is a support program run by New York Foundation for the Arts.
It was my challenge and a very good experience.
Here a cover image of the annual report of "Aliens in New York."

This is 17page long Manga comic style report and for my founders and donors to read.
If you make tax deductible donation to my project(from $1〜), you can read this great manga.
Donation page:

The report was featured in Artspire news letter and I am very honored.

Next, I participated Immigrant Artist Program by NYFA, and I learned a lot.
I saw many differences how to carry an art project between Japan from USA, but I couldn't ask any question because I didn't to know how to deal with.
If you were very worried about something, you might not be able to ask help to somebody. Because you don't know how to ask help to whom, and where.

I got many useful information from my mentor, Carlos Martinez who also public art artist based on Jackson Heights, Queens.
His HP is here.

Other things? Oh, my manga "Tokyo Love Rica 'tte Kanji" was selected for The Best Manga 2013.
You can download this e-book catalog here:

Do you see a image of my manga on the cover page?
I was very surprised. Next to that famous Shoutaro Ishimori's "Kikaider"!?


What else?
Mmm, Oh, I created a brand new art work! other than Peekaboo-kun wood piece.
Here is the link:
The group art show I participate is PANGEA.

You see the small image on the left end, two Bonsai Peekaboo-kun on the wall.
It is too small to figure out?
Okay, here much better images.

This group show is promoted by NYFA...

Now, I figure out NYFA made my almost all my year 2013.
Thanks so much New York Foundation for the Arts!