Friday, March 28, 2014

Rainbow Book Fair Tomorrow!

In 1994, when I began drawing the first chapters of this "Tokyo Love, Rica 'tte Kanji" series, I was 28 years old. My friend Mami-chan, an editor, had suggested it. "Want to try drawing a manga?" She had just started up a lesbian magazine and needed writers.
I realized I liked women around high school, but my romantic interest in girls around me had begun earlier, during middle school. I looked for information about that but, in those days, there wasn't any real information available. Every once in a while there was a gay magazine, which I would stand in a gay bookstore and read
obsessively, but not buy.
There were hardly any lesbian-themed novels or manga, maybe a little fantasy or science fiction, but the endings were always grim, everyone died. However, I did enjoy looking at photos of female models in men's magazines.

When I was little, my friends had taken up drawing manga as a
hobby, and I thought I could do that. 

 So I created the happy story and drew Manga comic which I really wanted to read. I needed courage to open to public. Now, we have many good books about LGBTQ by LGBTQ. Please drop by the Rainbow Book Fairand support the creators who are changing the world better place!
My table #is 66.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rainbow Book Fair at Holiday Inn, NYC!

Hi, I will be a part of the event.

Rainbow Book Fair- LGBTQ Book Festival.
Saturday March 29th 
Holiday Inn, 440 W 57street, NYC

Table number is #66 with:
Jennifer Camper
Carlo Quispe
Elvis Bakaitis
Sasha Steinberg
Sabin Cauldron

Here is my flyer, sorry for old same pattern...again.
Honestly right now, I am not sure attending the event physically...
I have been developing cystitis, and not able to stand and walk long time.
But Jennifer Camper sets my eBooks and sells kindly.
I am trying to fix my sick and go to the event hopefully.

The image above by Jennifer Camper

Stay warm and being healthy,

Monday, March 17, 2014

Celebrate Women and Join the V-Day!

Hi, I am going to be part of the V-Day event this weekend.

I can't believe me, I am working on a new art piece in this last minute.

And during drying paints, I just made a flyer for the event below.

More details of the V-Day event, please see the link.
There will be a lot of event.

I am not sure what time I will be sitting there while the show.
I am sure I will be there around 1pm for install on Friday.
Text me if you can make come.

Over the last 15 years, V-Day,  the global movement dedicated to ending violence against women and girls, has moved into 140 countries and raised over $100 million, educating millions about the issue of violence against women and the efforts to end it, as well as crafting international educational, media and PSA campaigns, helping to revitalize the spirit of existing anti-violence organizations.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Celebrate International Women's Month

I celebrate "International Women's Month" with posting my manga on FB Women in Comix page, and my pixiv page.
You can enjoy various comics related to woman by other fabulous woman cartoonists on the FB page.
Please Like and follow the page. 
Thank you!



FaceBookで行われている、女性漫画家の国際女性月間のキャンペーンに参加しています。私の漫画本Tokyo Loveから数ページづつ投稿してご紹介します。

Please read right to left.
"High School Student, Rica" 
page101 from "Tokyo Love"
Total 228 pages. 

Please visit here to complete story

Saturday, March 1, 2014

NYC Feminist ZinFest 2014

It was really nice to attend the Feminist Zinefest today.
I met many cool people, nice talking, and had a lot of fun.

The space of the event was very sophisticated and beautiful.
The room was located university area and not a hip place, so I didn't expected many people were coming.
But oped the door, so many people came to see the zins!
The most event I attend is a kind of related to Manga, comic or anime thing, but today's not.
It was zins fes filled with passionate to small-published or hand made books.
I really loved the event.

Today, I printed a paper to hand out.
I wrote a small essay on one side and the back side was a ad for my book.

I used to print my news about my private daily mater and art works to hand out in Japan.
They were written in Japanese.
After moving to NY, I haven't made a paper for a while.
I had no idea what kind of things I want to express to American general people.
I sometimes wrote and posted a blog, just like this moment, and it was enough and the best of my ability.

But I really wanted to make a paper yesterday!
It was a very fresh moment to me. I am very happy.

I don't post the paper on this blog today.
The hand out paper with a real paper we can touch and feel, was special to me.
Only the pics I post here and say "good night" today.


                                               We are Iron Cartoonists!  Right: Jennifer Camper