Monday, November 26, 2018

Rica's Original mini Calender 2019!

Thank you very much for supporting Aliens in New York, Peekaboo-art project in 2018!

I couldn’t draw any funds to Aliens in New York for fiscal year 2018, so there was only one time event in New York Botanical Garden in May with payment from NYBG.

Besides, I started two new projects, One Stop Family Pop Up and StopGap Ramp Project NYC.

One of reasons I started Aliens in NY was I believe empathy is very important to us.
We should emphasize with other people who is in difficulty but trying to make better world.
The themes for the project were LGBTQ, diversity, and pregnant women, etc.
One of my challenges was how toencourage people to take daily action after interacting with the project.
I was seeking new ways to develop the project. 
Last year, I collaborated with other organization UP-Stand, which installs practical accommodations for mothers and families. I felt I could learn a lot of new methods to develop the art project there.
I decided to carry the two new projects rather than the art project for a while.
I believe these all experiences will help me further develop my art project.
Please take a look at the latest blog.

I have saved all donations to Aliens in NY in NYFA account to next 19/20 years.
Each event costs $500-5,500/site depending on size. It is impossible to happen without your support. 

 Please help the art project by tax-deductible donation and get an original mini calendar!
This mini calendar is a perfect card/gift for holiday season.
It can be sent as a holiday card and they can be used as a calendar.
The three drawings are by Rica Takashima.
 Since they are small, they can use it in the office, locker, or on a fridge.
(10 x 6.5 inch)
There are two blank pages to write messages to your receiver.

 These are Hanafuda (Flower card). Boar, Deer, and Butterfly. This combination is one of strongest pat hands.
I was inspired by Hanahuda for the cover of my 2019 calendar. I hope it will bring a lot of blessedness to you.

This is a perfect item to start the Year of the Boar with.
One card for $15, and three cards for $35.
(Please see grid below: Your tax-deductible cost will be $6/one $16/three after deducting the transaction, postal expenses, and basic cost) You will get one extra card from Rica as a thank you card, so you can use it for yourself!
Please visit the NYFA page to donate for Aliens in New York art project.

Please put “Holiday” at Note section.
This special opportunity lasts until end of December.
All donors will receive my original Manga report 2017-18
(I am terribly sorry, I knew I couldn’t finish it this year. It was stocked in pencil sketch. I will do it this year- my new year resolution?)

Your kindness donation will be used to events like transportation, material cost for art workshop, etc. Our project is a space where strangers from different backgrounds can meet, understand and create art together. Through interactive arts, participants experience face-to-face personal contact, rather than communicating through Internet social networking services in virtual worlds. This tangible human interaction is needed in our society.
Thank you very much,

Rica Takashima

Saturday, November 24, 2018


いつもAliens in New Yorkのアートプロジェクトを応援してくださってどうもありがとうございます。
しかしながらAliens in New York の他に、二つのアートではないプロジェクトをスタートしました。
One Stop Family Pop Up 
StopGap Ramp Project NYCです。
Aliens in New York の目的は自分ではない他人になる想像をして共感を持つことです。共感を持つことが他人同士の歩み寄りになり話し合いを可能にし、より良い社会を作って行くと信じています。私の課題はAliens in New York に参加したアート経験を、どうやって参加者の実生活の中に取り込んでもらって生かして行くのか、ということでした。
One Stop Family Pop Up StopGap Ramp Project NYCは、参加者の生活に直接関わるプロジェクトです。その運営を通じて、いつものアートとは離れた様々な人たちと出会っています。この学びをいつか自分のアートに役に立てたいと考えています。ブログをご高覧いただければ幸いです。

皆さんがくださった援助資金は来年以降のAliens in New York のためにNYFAのアカウントに貯金しています。どうかこの活動を持続出来るように、今年も年末の寄付をお願いします!寄付は税金控除になります。

25 x 16cm表紙は干支のイノシシです。花札の猪鹿蝶の意匠を自分なりにデザインしました。カードの中はブランクですので、あなたのメッセージが自由に書き込めます。
ここのNYFA(NY州芸術財団)のページからAliens in New Yorkのアートプロジェクトを応援してください!どうかお願いします!メモ欄に”Holiday”とお書きください。
Aliens in New York page at New York Foundation for the Arts


Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Swing by The Postpartum Project

I will be a part of The Postpartum Project  by Kathleen Connor this weekend.

The Postpartum Project is based on interviews with new mothers in the United States. Women were interviewed about their experiences after birth in the hospital, how they fed their babies, recovered from childbirth, cared for themselves and what happened as they returned to the workforce. The play aims to change the conversation about postpartum care. 
Date & Time:
Saturday 13th 4pm, 8pm
Sunday 14th   7pm
Childcare will be avairable on 4pm & 7pm show.
Accommodations for pumping and diaper changing will be also avairable by UP-STAND.

Place: Astoria First Presbyterian Church
2335 Broadway 
Astoria, NY 11106 

I will show the Pregnant Woman Peekaboo-sculpture, 
and The Sympathy Belly sculpture there.

See you there!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Appeared on the cover of GoMagazine!

I was chosen for one of 100 Women Class of 2018 of Go! Magazine.

I feel very honored...
Actually, GoMagazie is one of my fav and I have always wanted to contribute my Manga comic.
I never imagined to appear myself even on the cover.

My page of Gomag here.


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Signing at Flame Con, NYC!


I will be signing books at Kickstarter Premier 1&2 table
at Flame Con, 12-3pm Sunday August 19th.
Place: Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel 
Please swing by and say Hi to me!

For more informations:

Wednesday, May 30, 2018







Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Open Call Artistsアーティスト募集だよ!


Peekaboo-kun Interactive Sculptures Show at The New York Botanical Garden

Hi!I installed six Peekaboo-kun Sculptures for Mothers’ day weekend, Sat. 12th and Sun. 13th May.
I was asked to create a new Tulip Peekaboo-kun. It was first time to me to make three holes on the same painting, and it was very fun!
One other thing for my first challenge was light weights small sized inclusive Peekaboo-kun.It allows having fun for wheelchair users, people who has difficulty to stick their faces to regular Peekaboo-kun. These Sculptures were planed to be displayed beside The Conservatory, however because of spring rain, they were set under a roof of Leon Levy Visitor Center. I was very happy almost visitors enjoyed the art show. Especially there were many elderly moms sitting on wheel chairs also enjoyed the inclusive art with their families.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Visiting Materials For The Arts

I would love to introduce you one of great organizations for supporting NY artists, Materials For The Arts.

 They have a big warehouse in Long Island City, Queens.
Very fortunately, my apartment is just 15min by bus to the place!
Is it destiny?!
 I shop variety of materials for our art project every other month.
There are beautiful Paper, paints, cloth, tape, table, power tools, office supply, etc. 
These pics are just part of what we shopped and totally free to support art projects and art educational orgs.

Beside of these items, I always enjoy write a thank you letter to donors.
I moved to the USA after I became an adult, so I have no idea what kind of business and companies exist here. I only know big name of international company like Pfizer, Toyota, Nabisco, etc.
I learned names from list of donors, look and enjoy their websites. Sometimes a donor gives me an email and I back to them my appreciation again. It is nice corresponding.

 Thank you!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Feminist ZineFest NYC 2018

I will part in Feminist ZineFest at Barnard College on 25th March.
3009 Broadway, New York, NY 10027
Near 116th Street

I will bring my Manga book, We Can Do It! goods and, hold making hat workshop at a table of JenniferCamper.

You can bet my We Can Do It! tote bag at Museum stote of Bronx Museum of Arts

Saturday, March 10, 2018

International Women’s Day event

I went to Salon sYmphoNY 2018 by International Women’s Artists Salon at Dixon Place, LES.
It was awesome and very impressive night. 
18 woman performers represent each country held presentation honoring respected woman of each artist of country by poetry reading, singing, playing instrument, dancing, and 5 visual woman artists show their works.

Jenny D Green

Nations and Presenting Artists:

Afro-Peru: Monica Carrilo
Australia: Helena Gouros
Luisa Muhr
Bangladesh: Rahi Brasil Rafaela Raposo
Linda Pan
Cuba: Katherine Leyva
Ingrid Griffith
Fiona Walsh
Yamini Kalluri
Yael Acher "KAT" Modiano- Electroacoustic Flute
Laura Caparrotti
Asako Takasaki
Lucite Tokki
Norway: Emelia Brawn
Puerto Rico: Keila Fontánez La Salle 
Helen McMillan
South Afric:a Ziaphora Dakile
Christine Dixon

Visual Art Exhibition 
Vernissage March 8th, runs thru March 30th

Cecilie Beck Kronborg
Sophie Malleret
Ella Veres
Maria Petrovskaya
Sophia Romma


Visual Art Exhibition 
Vernissage March 8th, runs thru March 30th.