Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Winter Con 2023

I applied for it more than half a year ago and completely forgot about it, but I got an e-mail today and realized it. ← Idiot.


I will be attending WinterCon 2023!


December 2-3

Resorts World 110-00 Rockaway Boulevard, Jamaica, NY 11420

2nd Saturday 10:30am-8pm

3rd Sunday 10:30am-5pm



I'm a little scared that I'll be completely lonely at the event because it seems to be a kind of American Heroes/Heroines type event.

I'm going to be easy hahaha.


Please come to Artists Alley if you have a chance. I'm looking forward to meeting new people.






Resorts World 110-00 Rockaway Boulevard, Jamaica, NY 11420

2nd Saturday      10:30am-8pm

3rd Sunday        10:30am-5pm



結構アメコミ系ぽいので私なんか完全にアウェイなんじゃないかとちょっとビビってますけど, まあ踏ん張らずに参加します。



Hello from Rica

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Please visit these links below for more information!

Thank you very much,
Rica Takashima

Covid related project

Fabric with a Big Drawing from the Big Apple

Manga/Anime drawing

Manga Sculpture at Randall’s Island

Participatory art project
Aliens in New York art project


Social practice art project

One Stop Family Pop Up

Ramp Project NYC (StopGap NYC)

Old website (1980s-2015ish)



Rica Takashima’s short profile as a Manga artist


In 1995, Rica started drawing the semi-autobiographical Manga portraying everyday lives of lesbians, in Japan’s premier lesbian magazine at that time. She struggled with her sexuality since her young age, but there were no movies/novels with themed positive lesbian stories even in 1980s. Her questions towards traditional Japanese patriarchal family values and discrimination against LGBT motivated her to start to draw conceptual Manga to public. Her project Manga book was published in 2003 and 2012 in English and Japanese, and Italian version in 2011. After she immigrated to the US with her family in 2008, she collaborates her work with Pride March, NewFEST LGBT film festival, and other diverse organizations.

She also created illustrations of We Can Do It! series, which encourages women in diversity. She sells cards, pins, tote, etc. with illustrations of diverse girls such as Afro girl, Hispanic girl, Hijab girl, FtM, Asian girl, and Braid girl. 


Thursday, November 16, 2023

Anime NYC!


I will participate in AnimeNYC. 
Artist Alley #K17. 
Come and say Hi!


Javits Convention Center, 429 11th Ave.

November 17th-19th


17(Fri) 1-8pm

18(Sat) 10am-7pm

19(Sun) 10am-4pm



I was planning to make “thin book”, but I gave up. My bad. 

But I made stickers from the We can Do It! series.

I also made some additions to "Where Is Here?" the thin book I made in the summer.


This time I'll just relax and not try too hard.







17() 1−8pm

18() 10am7pm

19() 10am4pm




でもWe can Do It!シリーズのステッカーは作ったよ。


夏に作った"Where Is Here?"にちょっと追加もしました。