Friday, December 26, 2014

Manga Report of "Aliens in New York" 2014

A Manga report of "Aliens in New York 2014" art project was finally done.
Color, 25 pages, the report is continued from last year.

The project is a of the audience participatory public art which I started the art style in Harajuku Tokyo from 1994 . 
I have poured my art life to the project. 

The aim is to provide art experience to community, being and imagine transforming to other people with using Peekaboo-board art devices, promoting mutual understandings among different ethnicities, religions, races, genders, and other social standings, and making better life, place and future.

I distribute the pdf Manga report to people who make $2donation during 2014 calendar year.

The art project is supported by NYFA, New York Foundation for the Arts, thus your donation is tax deductible. (only in USA, sorry)
It is a rare chance to read Rica's Manga, who was awarded as one of Best Manga 2013 by the best manga panel in San Diego Comicon, Otaku USA. 
Please make a donation on the link of NYFA below. 
You'll see a orange button to a donation page.

The last year's Manga report, which was featured in NYFA's Newsletter, is here.

Hoping you have Happy Holidays and New Year 2015!
Let's Make better future with Arts!

Rica Takashima

今年も昨年に引き続き「Aliens in New York」アートプロジェクトのレポ―ト漫画が出来ました。

タイトルは2010年に青森県立美術館さんで展示した「Aliens from New York」がきっかけとなりました。コンセプはト他民族や性差年齢差などのユニークなダイバシティに理解共鳴することで、地より良い域コミュニティを構築する事です。



昨年にサンディエゴ・コミコンのベスト漫画パネル、OTAKU USA、イタリアンWIREDでのベスト漫画に選ばれた高嶋リカの漫画が読める数少ないチャンスです。どうか以下のNY州芸術財団のリンクから「「Aliens in New York」の寄付をお願いします!リンク先の左上のオレンジのDonationのボタンを押して下さい。



高嶋リカ   拝