Wednesday, December 7, 2022

NFT Art Award exhibition


Hello frenz!

This time, I received the NFT Art Award sponsored by the NY Art Foundation(NYFA) and Technology Gap.

There will be a real (IRL) Manhattan exhibit and a Metaverse exhibit from December 15-31.

This Voxel Metaverse can be enjoyed on your usual mobile phone or computer without a crypto wallet or VR device. 

If you have never experienced Metaverse, please take this opportunity to visit the exhibition at metaverse. Art NFT of various genres such as video, performance, music, and literature will be exhibited. I am thrilled for the first time to exhibit at the Metaverse.


There will be an opening party at the Metaverse on December 15th from 6-9pm.Eastern time.

here. You can participate from your computer or your smartphone. 

I wonder what the opening party at Metaverse will be like. I can't imagine it at all♪


Voxel Metaverse exhibition:

BRIDGE + +,961S,1U


In Real Life exhibition:

ChaShaMa's 266 W. 37 Street presentation space, Manhattan



About my work, “Rica, Miho and Mee-chan Cat” from “Tokyo Love: Rica ‘tte Kanji!?”

The GIF animation of the youth lesbian couple "Rica and Miho," drawn for the cover of Anise magazine fall 1996 (Japan’s premier lesbian magazine at the time), with various colorful versions of the chibi characters with cat ears.


I started drawing the manga when I was in Japan. At that time, the only place Japanese lesbians gathered were in bars. So the characters in the manga I drew were only Japanese. 


But after the manga was published in English translation, I realized that readers of various diversities love my manga and they projected themselves onto the Japanese lesbian characters. 

When I started to create new NFT art, I thought if I can make the lesbian couple in various colors and animate them? So, I added a colorful chibi character with cat ears to the illustration and made it a simple GIF animation. These chibi characters represent my readers. I want to express my gratitude to you.


The original book of “TOKYO LOVE: Rica tte’ Kanji!?” became a permanent collection at  Kyoto International Manga Museum and Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan


For more information on this exhibit, please visit the NYFA website:

Thank you!


この度、NY芸術財団(NYFA)、Technology Gapの主催するNFT Art Award を受賞しました。


このVoxel メタバースは、クリプトウォレットやVR専用デバイスがなくても、普段使っている携帯電話やパソコンで楽しむ事が出来ます。メタバースを体験した事がない方はこの機会に是非参加してみてください映像、パフォーマンス、音楽、文学など様々なジャンルのアートNFTが出展される予定です。私もメタバースでの展示は初めてなのでワクワクしています。




Voxel Metaverse exhibition:

BRIDGE + +,961S,1U




ChaShaMa’s 266 W. 37 Street presentation space



私が出展する作品“Rica, Miho and Mee-chan Cat”について:

1996年秋のアニースの表紙に描きおろしたレズビアンカップル「リカとミホ」のイラストを中心に猫耳チビキャラの二人を様々なカラフルにしてGIFアニメにしました。「リカとミホ」は漫画「Tokyo Love: Rica ‘tte Kanji!?」に出てくる登場人物です。




英語版の漫画本「Rica ‘tte Kanji!?」は京都国際漫画美術館、福岡アジア美術館のパーマネントコレクションになっています。