Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Aliens in Jackson Heights was a Big Success!

First, I want to say thanks very much to my donors, Participants, staffs, Queens Council on the Arts Fund, Jackson Heights Arts Festival, and New York Foundation for the Arts!

It was a big success.
Lots of pass-by people enjoyed taking photos, reading explanation of each Peekaboo-kun sculpture, enjoying being other person(in race, gender, and age), making the art certificates and taking the certificate for free with them.

I set eight of Peekaboo-kun sculptures in circle, looked like they talked each other.
This time I picked Peekaboo-kun representing different occupations and cultural diversity.
A taxi driver, a full time worker at NYPL, a gym trainer, a house wife, a part timer at a small market, a salesman,  a retired senior, a print shop owner.

Name: F. D.B.(young girl)
Original: Bangladesh,
Being: Chinese,
Words: I am old.

Name: C. D. (female)

Original: Buffalo,
Being: Mexican,
Words: strong, happy, father, secure.

What kind of the world do you see through the hole on this Peekaboo-kun? What kind of world do you want to make?

Name: D.G. (female)
Original: PuertoRico,
Being: Indian,
Words: I am an artist too! Art is beautiful. Art is happiness!

Name: L.T. (female)
Original: American & Japanese,
Being: Malaysia,
Words: I like to hug mommy.

 ”Aliens in New York” is a short-term interactive installation using a group of Peekaboo-kun sculptures. It will promote mutual understandings among people who belong to different ethnicities, religions, races, genders, and other social standings. 

Name: S.A., (female)
Original: Bulgaria,
Being: Anita from Chilly,
Words: I love to go home to clean and cook. Ohh man!

Pass-by people read the label on the each Peekaboo-kun, and put their face to the hole to watch the world.

Thanks for helping the project, Savi, Sohui, Collin, Phil, Sora, Sumika, and Zakir!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Aliens in Jackson Heights" this coming Saturday!

I am very happy to announce you the next our art show,
Aliens in New York in Jackson Heights, Queens!

Please pray not to rain!

It is an open air street art show.
Aliens in New York will be part of the 2nd Jackson Heights Arts Festival.
Here is a press release.

Friends of Diversity Plaza Jackson Heights Arts Festival 2014: Summer Solstice Celebration
Saturday, June 21st 2014
11 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Diversity Plaza / 37th Road Pedestrian Plaza (between 73rd Street & 74th Street) Jackson Heights, Queens

The Jackson Heights Arts Festival is an all-day public event organized by the Friends of Diversity Plaza, a coalition of community members and groups that seek to engage the community in making the plaza a more welcoming space. This event will feature free art workshops, music, and outdoor art exhibitions to celebrate the Diversity Plaza, the local art scene and the arrival of summer. The co-organizers of this festival are Hibridos Collective and Nitin Mukul, both Jackson Heights artists and curators.

Installation artist Rica Takashima is encouraging conversations on the plaza through wood board peekaboo sculptures representing different occupations and cultural diversity as part of her ongoing “Aliens in New York” series. People will have the opportunity to step into a peekaboo facing other peekaboos in a circle and participate in a conversation with other peekaboo participants. The artist will give away an art certificate with an instant photo.

The exhibiting artists represent the diversity of the borough and a range of artistic disciplines: Antonio Sian (painting),Anna Paulette Ceraulo-Jalazo (painting), Archana Santra (painting), Carlos Amador (painting), David Heatley (drawing), Niizeki Hiromi (installation), Jaime Bautista (photography), Jeff Terzi (photography), Elma Skopljak (painting), Fumi Nakamura (photography), Lucrecia Molinas (painting), Maria Uroos (painting), Maureen Altman (painting), Murugesan Sundaramurthy (graphic arts), Neha Gautam (photography), Nicholas Bertozzi (graphic arts), Rica Takashima (installation), Rodrigo Salazar (photography), and Roshani Thakore (installation).

If you are in NYC area, PLEASE come by and experience this fun, delight, playful participatory art!

Saturday, June 14, 2014


My beautiful friend, Mr. Ivan Velez holds this fabulous group art show at the Bronx Museum.
30 talented artist will show their artworks and live drawing. Sounds very fun, right?
I am thrilled to drawing funny and sexy models.


June 21st, Sunday, 5-9pm
1040 Grand Concorse, The Bronx
167th Street (B, D)
Admission Free

Come and meet me there!


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Thank you all!

Thanks for coming and supporting Aliens in New York art show friday evening. We started at 6:30pm but because of the T-storm, we had to close at 7:30. 
It was only an one hour exhibit and many people was starting trying our show.
All our staff member got wet, I hope we don't get cold.
One Ecuador man Peekaboo was  seriously injured, but I am happy that didn't happen on real people.

An value of an art doesn't' depend on the weather.
I believe that the concept of project reached to people.

Also the accident taught us a lot.
Rain is still okay, but strong wind is very bad.
I should've brought a big vinyl bags. etc.

I put some pics from the show, I am sorry the show finished just before grown-ups tried participating.

I hope to see you next in Jackson Heights!
The theme is occupation and diversity.

                              This Ecuador man was chopped by strong wind...I am sad.
                                 He was my favorite. I will try to put him back together.

                                            After T-storm passing. Outdoor event is not easy.

Thanks Sumika, Savi, Michela, Phil, Vasso, Yasushi, and all the support members!