Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Aliens on Bronx Summer Street

I took part in the Bronx Museum’s Boogie On The Boulevard on 17th Sunday August.

One was Mr. Papo Jr. Drawing Art show by my friend, cartoonist Ivan Velez. We enjoyed drawing the fabulous models in super hero’s costume. 

Other one was my art project Aliens in New York.

I carried  Irish man, Puerto Rico man, Ukraine woman,  Kenya woman,  Ecuador man,
Mexican man, Dominica Republic woman of Peekaboo-kuns.
I didn’t create art certificates in this time because of short of budget, but it was still fun and many passer-by enjoyed those Peekaboo-sculptures.

Drawing of a super woman model and children. I draw one sketch in 3-5 minutes.
I love this quick moment!

Peekabooing people are enjoying talking each other.
My friend, artist Laura Alavrez becomes Irish man. 

August 2014 was 20th Anniversary of Peekaboo-Art!
I have started creating Peekaboo-sculpture and showed them on Harajuku Pedestrian Street  in August 14th Sunday 1994. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

I went to LIC Flea at Kaufman Astoria.

I went to LIC FLEA at Kaufman studio today.
I loved this!
Many unique only-one venders opened there. There were foods, arts, and crafts.

The place is between The Moving Image Museum and Kaufman Astoria movie complex theater. Perfect spot to walking around for lovers, friends and families!
(I went to there by bike lonely myself though)
I met some friends there, Roshani, who is an artist holed an art project Move With Us here and there in Queens.

I met Fumi and Anusha, who are talented photographers, too.
I biked around and enjoyed the beautiful summer Sunday.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Summer vegetable on the roof top farm

Is your summer cool or hot?

I went to Brooklyn Grange's vegetable field.
Brooklyn Grange is placed on the roof top of the building in not Brooklyn, but Queens.
Every Saturday during summer time, I buy season's vegetables here. I have some tomatoes, kale, potatoes, parsley, baby green, etc.

There will be a film festival the next weekend and we can watch some very under-ground short films at the center of the vegetable farm.
It is very cool watching sun-set of Manhattan skyline and avant-garde short films on the roof top farm in NY isn't it?