Thursday, March 10, 2016

Women in Comices Con 2016



I am happy to announce that I will attend to the Women in Comics Con, and my new (thin) book “Go! New York Journey vol.1” will be available there!
" Go! New York Journey (Susume! NY-dou)" is a well-received manga strip that has appeared in the free paper NY Weekly Japion for over 10 years. The original text is in Japanese, as it is aimed at (Japanese) newcomers to the NYC area. The storyline is all that is weird, funny, and fun about NYC from a Japanese person's point of view. Some of the strips might be hard to understand because of the cultural setting, but if you have ever spent any time in Japan, you’ll appreciate the manga from an additional angle. The vol.1 is excerpted from July, 2003-August, 2006, Weekly NY Japion.
You can pick up new issues of the Japion free paper every weekend at most Japanese grocery stores and restaurants in NYC, Boston, and the DC area, to read the latest " Go! New York Journey.”
Thank you!

The Women in Comics Con
March 12, Saturday, 11:00am- 7:00pm
The Bronx Library Center

See you there!

Rica Takashima