Sunday, December 2, 2012

“Discovering Columbus” is discovering the City.

 I really love Tatzu Nishi's art work "Discovering Columbus"
and during time I stayed in the Columbus's room, my delusion within my brain started and it began to run recklessly. 

Tatzu Nishi さんのDiscovering Columbusっかりこの作品に魅せられてしまった私は、このコロンバス像のミニ顔出しクンを作成して彼(コロンバス氏のことです)を一緒に記念撮影しようと思いたちました。彼の部屋に尋ねることができるのは期間限定なので、今しかチャンスがないと思ったからです。

Mr. Columbus probably never thought that he had his own room, and never thought to have many visitors in his beautiful and gorgeous room. He never dreamed that such a day came to him.
Might be he is  really pleasant now and he is enjoying to hearing the conversation among  visitors.

someone 1: "Awww..too much drunk last night..."
someone 2: "Why don't we drop by that pub on St. Marks after this?"
someone 3: "It will be nice to go to MOMA on Friday evening."
someone 4: " Shopping in the morning, then I will go to the airport tomorrow..."

He loves listening such a conversation every day. 

Mr. Columbus looked down the scenery of the
 town through the windows. He was satisfied before, but now he wants to try to be out from the room and  walking on the street  like everybody do. 
Then, - 

Mr.Columbus use the technic of doppelganger (this is the top secret...even the staff of the public art fund didn't know this)

And Mr.Columbus did spirit possession on a visitor.

Mr.Columbus came to be free from the room!
Suddenly, his smart phone rung...It was from his long friend, Stature of Liberty.
She said she was in Times Square now, Let's meet together.
? Wasn't she in Ellis Island? 

(It continues) 

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