Sunday, June 1, 2014

Thank you all!

Thanks for coming and supporting Aliens in New York art show friday evening. We started at 6:30pm but because of the T-storm, we had to close at 7:30. 
It was only an one hour exhibit and many people was starting trying our show.
All our staff member got wet, I hope we don't get cold.
One Ecuador man Peekaboo was  seriously injured, but I am happy that didn't happen on real people.

An value of an art doesn't' depend on the weather.
I believe that the concept of project reached to people.

Also the accident taught us a lot.
Rain is still okay, but strong wind is very bad.
I should've brought a big vinyl bags. etc.

I put some pics from the show, I am sorry the show finished just before grown-ups tried participating.

I hope to see you next in Jackson Heights!
The theme is occupation and diversity.

                              This Ecuador man was chopped by strong wind...I am sad.
                                 He was my favorite. I will try to put him back together.

                                            After T-storm passing. Outdoor event is not easy.

Thanks Sumika, Savi, Michela, Phil, Vasso, Yasushi, and all the support members!

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