Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Aliens in The Bronx!

I am happy to announce that Aliens in New York at The Bronx Museum!

July 9-September 20, 2015
A part of Bronx Callig exhibition, The Bronx Museum

1040 Grand Concourse
Bronx, New York 10456

The theme of Aliens in New York this time is gender and outfit.

I installed and set the Peekaboos and pedestals at The Bornx Museum today! 
Look at these special pedestals! 

These are ordr made pedestals for Peekaboo-kuns. I am so glad with them. 
We can detach and put back Peekaboos to the pedestal, so not only adults and kids, but also physically challenged people can enjoy Peekabooing now! 

I created male, female, dual-gender, and non-gender Peekaboo-kuns.

I put paper outfit on them.

These are paper outfits. I picked Kimono outfits for the first month of the show.

Please come by The Bronx Museum and see the result. Put your face to a hole on Peekaboo you like.
See the world with the imagination of transforming to a Bronx residence.

The opening house will be July 15th, 6-9pm.
I will be there!

Aliens in New York is generously supported by NYFA, other donors and individuals.

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