Thursday, August 13, 2015

Rica’s Happy Dance Peekaboo-kun Art Workshop!

I will be part in Boogie On The Boulevard event, 
Sunday August 16th, 12-4pm 
at 161st to 167th street, Grand Concourse, The Bronx.
This free event is brought by The Bronx Museum.

I will have an art workshop with four Peekaboo-kuns. 
"Rica’s Happy Dance Peekaboo-kun Art Workshop"
The theme is Gender and Outfit.
I am preparing eight kinds of original coloring sheets for kids, 
and an original art certificate for adults/guardians.

Please come by the event!
The Bronx Museum is just next station of that Yankee's stadium.
It is not far from Manhattan.

Anybody can volunteer as a staff member?
I am waiting for you!


Photo Credit-The Bronx Museum of the Arts/Lauren Click

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