Monday, September 14, 2015

New Look of Aliens in The Bronx!

Hi, I changed the outfit for Aliens in New York art project,
part of BRONX CALLING AIM program art exhibition at The Bronx Museum.
The exhibion until September 20th.

Please come by the museum and try new look Peekaboo-kuns!

The theme of this time is Gender and Outfit.
I chose robot from Japanese Anime and Manga for outfits.
Is it interested Japanese robots have gender.
They don't need it, but why they have?
What do you think?
Can you tell each gender of them?

From left:
・This Nadleeh suit is from Gundam004. Bunch of red cords looks like long hair. They are there to connect to additional arming.

・This Unit-01suit is from Neon Genesis Evangelion. 
This Superbia GN-X suit is from Gundam00V.
This is Humanoid EMA, this is an actual robot sold by SEGA Toy.

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