Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Queens Art Intervention 2016

How was your summer?
I had a nice summer vacation in Japan.
I went to Tokyo (this is my home town), Niigata, and Osaka.
I went to bunch of very Otaku places like Maid Café, Animate geek store, Game theme café, Pokemon Center and Pokemon Store.
I caught the special Kamonegi (Farfetched) Pokemon two times.
I enjoy very much.

                                              My Kamonegi!

I will have Peekaboo-art shows in Queens.

Aliens in NY, art project will part in Queens Art Intervention(QAI)
Corona Plaza, September 10 Saturday 1-4pm

Fun Peekaboo-sculptures will appear at four sites in Corona at the same time! 
Please visit and explore the diversity of the place, have fun and get a free reusable shopping bag and a portable ashtray. 
Think green, go clean, and feel better in our community! Please stop by!

Peekaboo-sculpture will be set at green marks.

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