Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Tachi-Mon Card♪

I received this illustration job from Jun @Kerox Hongo who is my senpai of Tokyo University of the Arts in 2023.


I drew characters for Tachi-Mon Cards in the Tachikawa South Shopping area. It looks like a Pokemon card.

It was a very fun job♪

I created the characters based on the wishes of 14 stores in Tachikawa South area.

Participants in the event could collect the Tachi-Mon cards for each store or shopping block as they walked around the town, and at the final stop, they could play a game with the cards.

I was very happy to see that some card collectors came from far away to collect the cards.

I wonder if some have compiled all the cards.


Which character is your favorite? Let me know!



昨年2023年に、東京藝大の先輩 Jun Kerox Hongoさんから頂いたイラストのお仕事です。














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