Friday, April 11, 2014

Rin: The Lost One's Weeping

Kaganine Rin's great song, The Lost One's Weeping.
Music & Lyrics: Neru
Movie: 456
Tuning: 友達募集P(Tomodachi Boshu P)

One of my nightmares, I still dream it sometimes, I am a middle or high school student in a class, and it is always the graduate day. 
I am thinking 'why am I sitting here? I was graduated from the school many years ago. I hate sitting here, I don't want to stay here anymore!' same pattern in same dream.
I was not a happy student at all.
And I know many of students in Japan are not happy at all, either.
The song is the 3rd place at Vocaloid ranking 2013.

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