Friday, March 28, 2014

Rainbow Book Fair Tomorrow!

In 1994, when I began drawing the first chapters of this "Tokyo Love, Rica 'tte Kanji" series, I was 28 years old. My friend Mami-chan, an editor, had suggested it. "Want to try drawing a manga?" She had just started up a lesbian magazine and needed writers.
I realized I liked women around high school, but my romantic interest in girls around me had begun earlier, during middle school. I looked for information about that but, in those days, there wasn't any real information available. Every once in a while there was a gay magazine, which I would stand in a gay bookstore and read
obsessively, but not buy.
There were hardly any lesbian-themed novels or manga, maybe a little fantasy or science fiction, but the endings were always grim, everyone died. However, I did enjoy looking at photos of female models in men's magazines.

When I was little, my friends had taken up drawing manga as a
hobby, and I thought I could do that. 

 So I created the happy story and drew Manga comic which I really wanted to read. I needed courage to open to public. Now, we have many good books about LGBTQ by LGBTQ. Please drop by the Rainbow Book Fairand support the creators who are changing the world better place!
My table #is 66.

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