Thursday, June 23, 2016

Show Up 4 PRIDE!


I am pleased to announce to hold “Bloom Rainbow Flowers” as a part of Boogie on the Boulevard street festival, supported by BX Arts Factory.
June 26th Sunday 12-4pm
1040 Grand Concourse, the Bronx (Bronx Museum)

There will be two LGBTQ character Peekaboo-sculptures, and I will paint Rainbow Flower Pots.

This is another event beside of Aliens in NY,
I will part in “People’s Tent of Tomorrow,” the New York State Pavilion Ideas Competition.

I help participants submit their ideas for the Pavilion in neighborhoods throughout Queens. Hibridos Collective carries the event program.

June 25th, Saturday 12-4pm
103rd Street, Colona Plaza, Queens

If you were missed even if you did sign up at “Draw You in Manga Style” last month,
Please drop by there 4pm, and I will draw you certainly.


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