Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Peekaboo-kun Interactive Sculptures Show at The New York Botanical Garden

Hi!I installed six Peekaboo-kun Sculptures for Mothers’ day weekend, Sat. 12th and Sun. 13th May.
I was asked to create a new Tulip Peekaboo-kun. It was first time to me to make three holes on the same painting, and it was very fun!
One other thing for my first challenge was light weights small sized inclusive Peekaboo-kun.It allows having fun for wheelchair users, people who has difficulty to stick their faces to regular Peekaboo-kun. These Sculptures were planed to be displayed beside The Conservatory, however because of spring rain, they were set under a roof of Leon Levy Visitor Center. I was very happy almost visitors enjoyed the art show. Especially there were many elderly moms sitting on wheel chairs also enjoyed the inclusive art with their families.

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