Thursday, May 3, 2018

Visiting Materials For The Arts

I would love to introduce you one of great organizations for supporting NY artists, Materials For The Arts.

 They have a big warehouse in Long Island City, Queens.
Very fortunately, my apartment is just 15min by bus to the place!
Is it destiny?!
 I shop variety of materials for our art project every other month.
There are beautiful Paper, paints, cloth, tape, table, power tools, office supply, etc. 
These pics are just part of what we shopped and totally free to support art projects and art educational orgs.

Beside of these items, I always enjoy write a thank you letter to donors.
I moved to the USA after I became an adult, so I have no idea what kind of business and companies exist here. I only know big name of international company like Pfizer, Toyota, Nabisco, etc.
I learned names from list of donors, look and enjoy their websites. Sometimes a donor gives me an email and I back to them my appreciation again. It is nice corresponding.

 Thank you!

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