Monday, November 30, 2015

Please choose “Aliens in New York” art project for #GivingTuesday !

Please choose “Aliens in New York” art project for #GivingTuesday with a tax-deductible donation!
I am working on writing Manga report of my art project “Aliens in New York” 2015.
The Manga story will be continued from last year and 18-25 colored pages. I will distribute the pdf Manga to people who made $3donation during 2015 calendar year. It is a rare chance to read Rica's story Manga, who has continued a strip panel comic at Weekly Japion Paper for 12 years!

The last year's fun Manga report is here.

The art project is supported by NYFA, New York Foundation for the Arts, thus your donation is tax deductible.  (Only in the USA, sorry)  All contribution will be used to the art project. For instance, I accomplished this year’s challenge with creating four special pedestals, which was my first step to develop my art project into a universally inclusive design. Now, it is possible for small children and wheelchair bound people to use the sculptures easily and safely without any assistance from the museum’s staff. Your warm support made this possible.

Please make a donation on the link of NYFA below. You'll see an orange button to a donation page.

Plus, if you make a $20donation, you will get one DIY paper sculptures kit by mail. This is a 1/20 model of actual woman sculpture of El Barrio Comes in All Colors, Shapes and Sizes, that I created for Flow15 outdoor art project at Randall’s Island, New York. Each kit has my sign and serial number. You’ll love this! The actual sculpture was mentioned as Best Public Art 2015 summer in NYC at many websites.

“Aliens in New York” project is an audience participatory public art which I started the art style in Harajuku Tokyo since 1994. I have poured my art life to the project. The aim is to provide art experience to community, being and imagine transforming to other people using Peekaboo-board art devices, promoting mutual understandings among different ethnicities, religions, races, genders, and other social standings, and making better life, place and future.

119 people participated to four time workshops, and more than 5000 people enjoyed the Aliens in New York art project, and 10 volunteer staff worked with me in 2015. Please give me more opportunity to distribute the art project to many people with your support.

Let's make better future with Arts!

Rica Takashima

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