Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Trip of Love Review

I watched a Broadway musical stage, Trip of Love.
It was a lot of fun.
The stage was filled with dance, and music of 60’s. Trippiness, hippies, flowers, and duty in Vietnam.
I noted two points of what I felt.

The first is that senior people, like my parents would love this stage. If it were possible, I would love to invite my parents and watch the musical together. If you have elder parents, I recommend inviting them to watch the show with you. It will be a precious gift for them.
The musical reminds my nostalgic memories of my childhood. My parents were playing vinyl records, and I was listening the music. A newspaper said about Japanese economic growth, campus activism, and Cold war, but I didn’t understand anything. (I think I was three or four). I just felt something strange about the difference between colorful jolly music and fuzzy news for future society. My mom and pa were still young; they were young at the moment than myself now. The future already became my past. The room I was in at that time no longer exists. Only memories of that beautiful music I listened to with my parents were the same on the stage.

The second is gay people would love this stage. There are many half-naked beautiful actors on the stage. I loved them too. It was a cheery, lively, merry, merry, groovy, and gay musical. You’ll love this!

Donne Figgins’ songs were impressive. I looked for her after the stage to ask her sign on my Play Bill, but I couldn’t find her.

This pic from the Trip of Love website.

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