Saturday, March 1, 2014

NYC Feminist ZinFest 2014

It was really nice to attend the Feminist Zinefest today.
I met many cool people, nice talking, and had a lot of fun.

The space of the event was very sophisticated and beautiful.
The room was located university area and not a hip place, so I didn't expected many people were coming.
But oped the door, so many people came to see the zins!
The most event I attend is a kind of related to Manga, comic or anime thing, but today's not.
It was zins fes filled with passionate to small-published or hand made books.
I really loved the event.

Today, I printed a paper to hand out.
I wrote a small essay on one side and the back side was a ad for my book.

I used to print my news about my private daily mater and art works to hand out in Japan.
They were written in Japanese.
After moving to NY, I haven't made a paper for a while.
I had no idea what kind of things I want to express to American general people.
I sometimes wrote and posted a blog, just like this moment, and it was enough and the best of my ability.

But I really wanted to make a paper yesterday!
It was a very fresh moment to me. I am very happy.

I don't post the paper on this blog today.
The hand out paper with a real paper we can touch and feel, was special to me.
Only the pics I post here and say "good night" today.


                                               We are Iron Cartoonists!  Right: Jennifer Camper

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