Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rainbow Book Fair at Holiday Inn, NYC!

Hi, I will be a part of the event.

Rainbow Book Fair- LGBTQ Book Festival.
Saturday March 29th 
Holiday Inn, 440 W 57street, NYC

Table number is #66 with:
Jennifer Camper
Carlo Quispe
Elvis Bakaitis
Sasha Steinberg
Sabin Cauldron

Here is my flyer, sorry for old same pattern...again.
Honestly right now, I am not sure attending the event physically...
I have been developing cystitis, and not able to stand and walk long time.
But Jennifer Camper sets my eBooks and sells kindly.
I am trying to fix my sick and go to the event hopefully.

The image above by Jennifer Camper

Stay warm and being healthy,

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